Newsletter 08/13



                    The Connecticut Dahlia Society 



                              August 11, 2013

                               Annual Picnic


Date:   August 11, 2013

Place:  Home of Marjorie Schnerr – 65 Clark Hill Road, Prospect, CT

Time:  12:00 pm New Members Program, Staging your blooms for exhibition,

             Members, please bring blooms to use in the staging and to beautify

             our picnic tables


President’s Message:

 We have certainly had a difficult dahlia season thus far.  Not only have we had extreme heat but also a variety of pests.  Our dahlias somehow seem to recover in spite of the challenges they’ve endured.

 Our August picnic will be held at the home of Marjorie Schnerr on August 11, 2013 at 12:00noon.  It will give our new members an incredible experience to see how a 40 year grower has perfected the Dahlia.  She also is very willing to share her “secrets” as to how she grows such beautiful healthy plants.   Our New Member Program will educate our prospective exhibitors in how to transport their blooms to our show without damaging the bloom or the foliage.  Our novice section is a great start to begin the exhibiting process.  Perhaps if you would also like to clerk for our show it is a great learning experience to see how a dahlia is graded for the Court of Honor. Over the years our picnic has given our members a chance to socialize and also hear of our other interests in gardening. 

The Society supplies the meats, rolls and soft drinks but our guests provide the additional picnic foods.  Please sign up with Marge as to what you would like to bring.  Please bring your comfortable chairs so you may relax and enjoy the day.  A raffle will also be held.  If you have a raffle item it will be appreciated.  The more items the more the fun.

Please respond to Marge as to your intent on coming. I hope to see all of you at our picnic.

Donna Paternostro

2013 NADC Show Schedules:   Please consider attending some of these other NADC society shows. In order for everyone to have a successful show, the participation of members from other societies bringing their blooms is necessary.


Aug 17                    Washington County Fair, hosted by the RIDS

Aug 24                   Connecticut Dahlia Society 55th Annual Show (Saturday only)

Aug 31 & Sept 1     Long Island Dahlia Society

Sept 7                     Southern Tier Dahlia Society & NADC Show (Saturday only)

Sept 7 & 8               Rhode Island Dahlia Society

Sept 14                   Rochester Dahlia Society (Saturday only)

Sept 15                   Mid Island Dahlia Society (Sunday only)

Sept 21                   New Jersey Dahlia Society (Saturday only)

Sept 21 & 22          Greenwich Dahlia Society

Sept. 28 & 29         ProvincetownMA Dahlia Society

Oct. 5 & 6               Mid Island Dahlia Society, 2nd Show

Oct. 12 & 13           Long Island Dahlia Society, 2nd Show


Marge Schnerr,


2015 Meeting Dates:

(All Meetings are at the Thomaston Bank unless otherwise noted). The programs for new members are open to any members who are interested.

Jan. 11 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Finance Committee Meeting, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Feb. 15 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Mar. 15 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Apr. 26 Root Sale, West Hartford, Set-up 10:00 am, 12:00 Noon Sale Open to the Public
May 17 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Jun.14 Thomaston Bank
Jul. 12 Thomaston Bank
Aug. Annual Picnic, date & place to be decided
Aug. 29 CDS Dahlia Society 57th. Annual Show, Pond House, West Hartford
Sep No Meeting, Show Month
Oct. 11 Thomaston Bank
Nov. 8 Thomaston Bank
Dec. Christmas Party, date & place to be decided