Newsletter 05/14

The Connecticut Dahlia Society

May 2014 Newsletter

Date: Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Place: Thomaston Savings Bank, 985 Watertown Avenue, Waterbury
Time: 1:00 pm Planting and Caring for Your Gardens

President’s Message:

Hello Members.

Happy spring! With our unusual weather pattern it will surely be an unpredictable Dahlia growing season.

First, I want to thank all of our loyal volunteers for attending our Annual Root Sale. Their help is greatly appreciated. Without them we could not have the sale which does help with the costs of hosting our spectacular Dahlia show in August. Also a special thanks to Gary Adams for donating many tubers to the sale. He has been very generous in taking time from his commercial business to hand pick many show winning dahlias for all to grow and exhibit.

Our educational program will be extremely helpful to our NEWER members as well as some of us Old Timers. It will explain the planning and planting of your garden. The educational programs CDS offers allows us to not just plant a flower but to grow it to exhibition potential.

If your time permits, please join us on May 18th Remember, we serve refreshments and DONUTS!

Donna Paternostro

2014 NADC Show Schedules:

Please consider attending some of these other NADC society shows. In order for everyone to have a successful show, the participation of members from other societies bringing their blooms is necessary.

Aug 16 Washington County Fair, hosted by the RIDS
Aug 23 Connecticut Dahlia Society 56th Annual Show (Saturday only)
Aug 30 & 31 Long Island Dahlia Society & NADC Show, “Nenekazi” = Challenge
Sept 6 Southern Tier Dahlia Society (Saturday only)
Sept 6 & 7 Rhode Island Dahlia Society
Sept 13 & 14 Mid Island Dahlia Society
Sept 20 New Jersey Dahlia Society (Saturday only)
Sept 20 & 21 Greenwich Dahlia Society
Sept. 27 & 28 Provincetown MA Dahlia Society
Oct. 4 & 5 Mid Island Dahlia Society, 2nd Show
Oct. 11 & 12 Long Island Dahlia Society, 2nd Show

2015 Meeting Dates:

(All Meetings are at the Thomaston Bank unless otherwise noted). The programs for new members are open to any members who are interested.

Jan. 11 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Finance Committee Meeting, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Feb. 15 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Mar. 15 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Apr. 26 Root Sale, West Hartford, Set-up 10:00 am, 12:00 Noon Sale Open to the Public
May 17 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Jun.14 Thomaston Bank
Jul. 12 Thomaston Bank
Aug. Annual Picnic, date & place to be decided
Aug. 29 CDS Dahlia Society 57th. Annual Show, Pond House, West Hartford
Sep No Meeting, Show Month
Oct. 11 Thomaston Bank
Nov. 8 Thomaston Bank
Dec. Christmas Party, date & place to be decided

Marge Schnerr, Editor