Newsletter 01/16

The Connecticut Dahlia Society

January 2016 Newsletter


Meeting Date:   Sunday, January 10, 2016

Time:                  2:00 pm

Place:                 Thomaston Savings Bank, 985 Watertown Avenue



President’s Message:

I find myself back in a familiar position with the CDS as your President as I have now given up the Editor’s job to Marilyn Lonergan.  I think that you will see some new things in her Newsletters and you will look forward to reading them.

 We had a nice Holiday Dinner at the San Marino Restaurant on December 6th with 17 members in attendance. We shared a lot of lively dahlia talk from the past season and many of us who were able to attend the Centennial Show in Long Island saw a large attendance of US and foreign members gathered there. Many of our members never traveled to ADS shows before and this allowed them to meet many new dahlia people.  Shows of our NADC Conference societies started off slower this year than the early blooms we had in 2014, but towards the end of the show season we had a very impressive number of blooms in those later shows.

 Now that the holidays are over we can begin to plan our programs for 2016 and gear them  to our new members who have joined us to learn how to make their blooms into those that can easily compete with the experienced growers. I hope to hear from our new members on which of those aspects of growing would benefit them the most so that we can arrange our meetings to have programs on those topics.

Marge Schnerr


2016 CDS Meeting Dates:

February14       Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Finance Committee Meeting, 2:00 Regular Meeting

March 13          Thomaston Bank, 2:00 pm

April 24           ROOT SALE, West Hartford
Set-up 10:00 am, 12:00 Noon Open to the Public

May 15             Thomaston Bank

June12             Thomaston Bank

July 10             Thomaston Bank

August              Annual Picnic, date & place to be decided

August  27      CDS Dahlia Society 58th Annual Show, Pond House, West Hartford

September        No Meeting, Show Month

October 9         Thomaston Bank

November 13   Thomaston Bank

December        Holiday Party, date & place to be decided


2016 NADC Show Schedules:

 August 20                   Washington County Fair, hosted by the RIDS

                                   North Jersey Dahlia Society

August 27                  CT Dahlia Society 58th Annual Show

September 3 & 4         Long Island Dahlia Society

September 10 &11      Rhode Island Dahlia Society

September 17 & 18     Open

September 24 & 25     Mid Island Dahlia Society (they will not host a second show in 2016)    

October 1 & 2              Provincetown MA Dahlia Society

                                   Greenwich Dahlia Society

October 8 & 9              LIDS 2nd.Show


Bad Weather on Winter Meeting Dates:

If the weather is questionable on a meeting date, call Marge at (203) 758-4685 to find out the status of the meeting. We will make the decision by 11:00 am on that meeting date.

Challenge Variety Selected for our 58th Annual Show:

The Patsy Paternostro variety will be Chimicum Julia, 2402, B IC Yellow. A $50.00 prize will be awarded to the best entry in this class, one entry per exhibitor.


Marilyn Lonergan, Editor