Newsletter 04/16

The Connecticut Dahlia Society

 April 2016 Newsletter

Meeting Date:    Sunday, April 24, 2016

Program:            Annual Root Sale

Place:                  Pond House, Elizabeth Park, West Hartford

Time:                   9:00 AM for Committee to set up

                            12:00 Noon Open for the Public

President’s Message:

April has surprised us this year by giving us some of the snow that was expected for us in this winter. Now our thoughts should be on our plans for our dahlia gardens and what we might consider growing.

The Root Sale is our only fund raiser for the year and we hope for to make it a big success.

We have purchased a number of great varieties from commercial sources and we need to also rely on our members to donate their extra stock.

Our Editor will include a list containing the names of our varieties that we have already purchased with this newsletter. We ask our members to let us know ahead of the sale if you have any varieties numbering 5 or more, to send these names to our Editor so that we can make sure that we will have a picture printed for these. We will also include these names of ones being donated, with those that we have purchased to send out in a new listing to members a few days before the sale by email.  The public says that the pictures with the roots are very helpful for them to see what they are buying.

Now, it will be wise to go through your stock to sort out those roots that you will donate.  We need the name clearly labeled on the individual roots with at least one clearly visible eye.  We also would like them delivered to the Pond House close to our 9:00 AM start. This will allow us to have an orderly start as we will no longer be doing any labeling that morning as it is being done ahead of the sale this year.

 Marge Schnerr


 2016 CDS Meeting Dates:

April   24    Root Sale, West Hartford, Set-up 9:00 am, 12:00 Noon Sale Open to the Public

May 15       Thomaston Bank, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting

June 12      Thomaston Bank

July 10       Thomaston Bank

Aug.            Annual Picnic, date & place to be decided

Aug. 27      CDS Dahlia Society 58th Annual Show, Pond House, West Hartford

Sept.           No Meeting, Show Month

Oct. 9         Thomaston Bank

Nov. 13      Thomaston Bank

Dec.           Christmas Party, date & place to be decided

2016 Show Schedules:

Aug. 20 & 21   Washington County Fair, hosted by the RIDS

Aug. 27           CT Dahlia Society 58th Annual Show

Sep. 3              Southern Tier Dahlia Society

Sep. 3 & 4        Long Island Dahlia Society

Sep 10 & 11     Rhode Island Dahlia Society

Sept. 17 & 18   New England Dahlia Society, 1st Show, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA

Sept. 24 & 25   Mid Island Dahlia Society

Oct. 1 & 2         Greenwich Dahlia Society

Provincetown MA Dahlia Society

Oct. 8 & 9        Long Island Dahlia Society 2nd Show

Marilyn Lonergan, Editor

Members:  Once you have inspected your tubers, please send me the names (and approximate you plan to donate) so we can add them to the list and print a picture of any varieties we will have 5+ of.    This will also help us plan our setup.  An updated list will be e-mailed to all members a day or two before the sale.

       2016 Root Sale Purchases
AA BB continued
AC Ben SC LB My Beverly LC LB
Gladiator ID R Shea’s Rainbow IC V
Maniac SC V
Penhill Dark Monarch ID DB M
Wyn’s Delta Frank SC OR Chimacum Nadjae FD DP
Rejman’s Polish Kid FD BI
A Rose Toscano FD OR
Almand Joy FD LB
Camano Messenger IC LB BA
Hy Mom IC W Blyton Softer Gleam LB
Spartacus ID DR Cornel DR
Vassio Meggos ID L Ivanetti PR
Windhaven Blush SC Y Jessie G PR
Wyn’s New Pastel FD LB
B Sir Richard DP
April Dawn ID LB Valley Rust Bucket BR
Beaucon White ID W
Brian R. FD L ST
Café au Lait ID PK Alloway Candy PK
Citron du Cap LC Y
Gloriosa FD V WL
Lovely Lana SC L Kari Blue L
Pam Howden LB
BB Wildwood Marie DP
Bristol Karma SC PK
Chilson’s Pride ID LB NX
Chimacum Katie FD L Valley Porcupine LB
Crazy 4 Jessie IC DB
Formby Alpine FD W
Gay Princess ID LB
Lakeview Peach Fuzz LC LB