Newsletter 05/16

The Connecticut Dahlia Society

 May 2016 Newsletter

Meeting Date:   Sunday, May 15, 2016

Time:               1:00 pm Display of CDS Historical Materials

                          2:00 pm Business Meeting

Place:                Thomaston Savings Bank, 985 Watertown Avenue,



President’s Message:

Thank you to all of the Committee members who helped with the sale and also thank you to those members that donated roots as well.  All of you contributed to the success of the sale. In keeping with trying to improve with all of our programs we will critique the Root Sale and its outcome at this meeting.

Planting time now approaches and most   of you are tilling your gardens, adding fertilizer and placing the stakes for the roots that will need to be planted around the middle of May.

This month I will bring the historical items to the meeting from the past 57 years of the CT Dahlia Society.  These will be on display from 1:00 pm till the end of the meeting. Come and look for members and yourself in the archives that have been responsible in creating this organization.

 Marge Schnerr



Anthony Armelin
7006, Stellar, Red
David Murphy, Originator
Derrill W. Hart Medal Winner
American Dahlia Society

This seedling was entered into 3 different ADS Trial Gardens: Bonneyville, North Central and Inland Empire and received a combined score of 86.91 to win the stellar award. Congratulations, David!


The CT Dahlia Society  is looking for volunteers to work as clerks at our show August 27th.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow dahlia enthusiasts, see the very best of the varieties being grown today and learn more about exhibiting your beautiful blooms!  No experience needed.  You will be traveling with a judging team and will be recording and marking the winning blooms, as per the judges’ instructions.  In the process, you will be learning about the dahlias chosen and helping CDS.  Once the judging is over, you will receive a voucher for lunch, and a have a chance to enjoy the show!

If you’ve always wanted to get involved, this is a wonderful way to start, and is a one-time commitment.

Please contact Melanie Dumont, our coordinator, for more information or to volunteer.

2016 CDS Meeting Dates:

June 12    Thomaston Bank

July 10     Thomaston Bank

Aug.         Annual Picnic, date & place to be decided

Aug. 27   CDS Dahlia Society
                 58th Annual Show
                 Pond House, West Hartford

Sept.         No Meeting, Show Month

Oct. 9       Thomaston Bank

Nov. 13    Thomaston Bank

Dec.      Holiday Party, date & place to be decided

2016 Show Schedule:

Aug. 20 & 21   Washington County Fair, hosted by the RIDS

Aug. 27           CT Dahlia Society 58th Annual Show

Sep. 3              Southern Tier Dahlia Society

Sep. 3 & 4        Long Island Dahlia Society

Sep 10 & 11     Rhode Island Dahlia Society

Sept. 17 & 18   New England Dahlia Society, 1st Show, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA

Sept. 24 & 25   Mid Island Dahlia Society

Oct. 1 & 2         Greenwich Dahlia Society

Provincetown MA Dahlia Society

Oct. 8 & 9        Long Island Dahlia Society 2nd Show


Marilyn Lonergan, Editor