Newsletter 06/17

The Connecticut Dahlia Society

June 2017 Newsletter

Meeting Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017
Program: 2:00 pm Business Meeting
Place: Thomaston Bank
985 Watertown Avenue, Waterbury

President’s Message:

This has been an unusual Spring to say the least! A lot of very cold weather, then two different heat waves, and more rain this Spring than what we have had in either of the past two years. For me, it seems that my roots were slower than usual to appear, maybe they wondered if it would be okay to come out of the ground with this usual weather? So, I hope that your roots are doing well and that we can get a lot of blooms for our Show. If any of you newer members need any help with your growing, please get in touch with me so that we can get any problems corrected before show time.

We are always looking for new members to help in various jobs at out show. Set up on Friday afternoon as well as breakdown on Saturday afternoon are always jobs where we would appreciate your help and the more members we get to do these jobs will speed up the tasks. During the judging we also need help from clerks and if you volunteer you will be assigned with an experienced member to learn that job and for your help with this job you will receive a free meal with the rest of the judges and clerks.

Our Display Gardens at Elizabeth Park also needs help from our members and if you volunteer for this you certainly will learn things that will help you with your own growing. We have a lot of jobs that will further your ability to gain knowledge for your dahlia growing so please consider offering your services and both our society and you will benefit from it.
If you are able to volunteer, please contact me.

Marge Schnerr

Meeting Dates for 2017:

July 16 Thomaston Bank
Aug 13 Thomaston Bank
Aug. 26 CDS Dahlia Society 59th Annual Show, Pond House, Hartford
Sept No Meeting, Show Month
Oct 8 Thomaston Bank
Nov 12 Thomaston Bank
Dec Christmas Party, date & place to

2017 NADC Show Schedules:

Aug. 19 North Jersey Dahlia Society
Aug. 19 & 20 Washington County Fair, hosted by the RIDS
Aug. 26 CT Dahlia Society 59th Annual Show
Sep 2 & 3 Long Island Dahlia Society
Sep 9 & 10 Rhode Island Dahlia Society
Sep 16 & 17 Mid Island Dahlia Society
Sept 23 & 24 Combined New England
Dahlia Society, Provincetown
Dahlia Society and 47th North Atlantic Dahlia Conference Show, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA
Sept. 30 No Shows scheduled
Oct. 7 & 8 Greenwich Dahlia Society
Oct. 14 & 15 Long Island Dahlia Society,
2nd. Show

Marilyn Lonergan, Editor