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How to become a member of the CT Dahlia Society

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2022 Membership Renewal Form

If you joined The Connecticut Dahlia Society any time after August 2021, your dues are also paid through all of 2022. However, you might consider joining the ADS at this time, but those dues must be received by January 1st of each year.

CT Dahlia Society Fees

Basic Membership – $15.00
Student Membership (Under age 18) – Free

*American Dahlia Society, Single Membership – $24.00
*American Dahlia Society, Family Membership – $27.00

* Membership dues for the ADS are to be received each year by January 1st.

CT Dahlia Society Prize and Booster Fund Donations

CT Dahlia Society Donor – $10.00 minimum
CT Dahlia Society Booster – $5.00 minimum