Newsletter 03/15

The Connecticut Dahlia Society

March 2015 Newsletter

Meeting Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time:  1:00 pm Judges Training & Propagation

            2:00 pm Business Meeting

Place:  Thomaston Savings Bank, 985 Watertown Ave., Waterbury  

President’s Message:

Will spring ever arrive? By now all of us have had enough snow and cold weather. Our tubers will soon be in the ground waiting to show their beauty.

Our annual Root Sale will soon be upon us. We have ordered from commercial growers as well as counting on our member donations. We hope to have a really good selection this year. Thanks to Marge for researching the growers as well as the lists of varieties, it should prove to be very exciting growing and exhibiting this season. We need volunteers to help on the Root Sale Committee to help us with a fast and orderly set up.

We will continue to have educational programs at our meetings. The Dahlia is so much more enjoyable when you grow it to its full potential. Also we will soon need clerks as well as judges for our 2015 show. This year our show will host the North Atlantic Dahlia Conference Show. Please consider more participation in our society. We will be starting judge’s classes for our potential candidates as an Accredited Judge at this March meeting.

Please attend our meetings. Not only are they educational but you may enjoy mingling with some of our long standing members who are experts in both growing and exhibiting and you may leave with a bit of new knowledge.

We hope to see you on March 15th.

Donna Paternostro

Possible Meeting Cancellation Due to Weather:

If weather presents a hazardous driving situation, call Marge to find out the status of the meeting. We will make that decision by 11:00 am.

Accredited Judges Classes:

Members who wish to become a new judge will be required to attend all of these 3 CDS classes and should contact Marge to let her know that you will attend. A home assignment
will be provided to be completed before attending this meeting.


Starting at the March Meeting, Marge will begin a demonstration on beginning the propagation of dahlias. This will follow the Judging program and will begin just before the start of the 2:00 pm meeting. It will be continued at the April Root Sale and at the May Meeting so that you can observe all phases of propagation, including the starting of the tubers, the cutting of the shoots, the rooting and the potting up process.

2015 Meeting Dates:

(All Meetings are at the Thomaston Bank unless otherwise noted). The programs for new members are open to any members who are interested.

Jan. 11 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Finance Committee Meeting, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Feb. 15 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Mar. 15 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Apr. 26 Root Sale, West Hartford, Set-up 10:00 am, 12:00 Noon Sale Open to the Public
May 17 Thomaston Bank, 1:00 pm Accredited Judge’s Class, 2:00 pm Regular Meeting
Jun.14 Thomaston Bank
Jul. 12 Thomaston Bank
Aug. Annual Picnic, date & place to be decided
Aug. 29 CDS Dahlia Society 57th. Annual Show, Pond House, West Hartford
Sep No Meeting, Show Month
Oct. 11 Thomaston Bank
Nov. 8 Thomaston Bank
Dec. Christmas Party, date & place to be decided

2015 Show Schedules:

Aug. 15 Washington County Fair, hosted by the RIDS
Aug . 22 New Jersey Dahlia Society
Aug. 29 57th CT Dahlia Society Show & 45th North Atlantic Dahlia Conference Show
Sep. 5 Southern Tier Dahlia Society
Sep. 5 & 6 Long Island Dahlia Society
Sep 12 &13 Rhode Island Dahlia Society
Sep 19 & 20 ADS 100th Anniversary Show by the Mid Island Dahlia Society at
Hofstra University, Hempstead, Long Island, NY Tours will be held
On Sept. 17, 18 and 21
Sep 26 & 27 Provincetown MA Dahlia Society
Oct. 3 & 4 Greenwich Dahlia Society
Oct. 10 & 11 Long Island Dahlia Society, 2nd Show

Marge Schnerr, Editor